Some commonly asked questions about teaching others to sew with the YOU CAN MAKE IT program!

Q: How long has the You Can Make It program been around?

The idea and concept of the ‘Learn to Sew’ series came to the author, Pam Tripaldi, in 1990, and like many great ideas it was in a dream. It took her over two years to develop and perfect. In 1992, Pam started teaching locally in her hometown in PA. The success of her classes prompted her to go national in 1994 with the program. We now have teachers all over the world. We even go as far South America, Europe, & China, and we are growing fast. So now, it has become a dream come true. Pam’s ultimate goal is to create a network of students and teachers so that whomever wants to learn how to sew Can Make It.

Q: Why should I use the You Can Make It program and not my own?

We did all the work for you. The lesson plans are done. The ‘Learn to Sew’ program has been used for many years and is designed so that students do not become discouraged because they are being taught what they should and when they should. Many times if students are trying to learn a skill they are not yet ready to handle they will become dissatisfied. It is important to have skills built. This program does this, as well as teach all skills. We are also continually improving and expanding on our program. The ‘Make it Fit’ series is designed to attract those that are not interested in learning everything about sewing and just want the basics. Our ‘For Kids’ series is a fun series to teach children how to sew. You will truly be able to accommodate ANYONE with a sewing interest. You will also be able to get help when needed and have other teachers to share ideas with. We even send you students as you become part of our student referral system.

Q: How does your student referral system work?

We get MANY inquires from those who want to learn how to sew. Our referral department notifies the prospective student with the name and information of the closest You Can Make It teacher. They can then contact you directly for exact location, time, and cost. We also send you the student information. There is NO charge for this service to teachers or students! We want to make sure whatever your sewing interest is, You Can Make It!

Q: Is there a market out there for sewing lessons?

Fortunately for you, yes. Schools are cutting back on their home-economics programs and many private schools just don’t offer such skills. We have at least two generations that are un-skilled in the art of sewing. This saddens us at “You Can Make It”. Sewing, as both you and I know, has brought us much self satisfaction and pride, not to mention the money we have saved.

Q: What qualifications do I need?

You must have sewing experience. You need not be an expert sewer. All series are so detailed that even a novice sewer can handle it. Have confidence in yourself. You can do this! If you are unsure, then just start out offering beginner lessons, adding levels as you feel comfortable. Remember, you will be your own boss, which means you make the rules. You also have the DVD’s available to help build your confidence.

Q: Do I need to complete your course by DVD or from a teacher before I can become a teacher?

No. If you already have sewing experience there is no need to do this. If you are not an experienced sewer, then this is a great way for you to acquire the skills you will need.

Q: How quickly can I become a You Can Make It teacher?

Your package is customized with your personal information. Our normal shipping time is 1-2 weeks. However, if you need to receive your materials sooner, just give us a call and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Q: I presently offer other kinds of sewing classes, can I still use your program?

Yes, other classes such as quilting, or specialty classes add to your teaching ability. We encourage it. The more you offer your students the better. However, you can NOT advertise these other classes as You Can Make It classes because they are not.

Q: How much time must I devote?

This is completely up to you since you are the boss. You may work one day a week, just weekends, or every evening.  To look over the Expected Earnings Page, click here. You will see that it does not take many hours to earn a nice income.

Q: What age is this program for?

Our ‘For Kids’ series is designed for children ages 7 & older. The complete ‘Learn to Sew’ series (Level 1 thru Level 7) is designed for adults or young adults over the age of 13. (The higher Levels contain skills that may be difficult for young children.) However, if a child is interested in more detailed clothing construction, the Level 1 and Level 2 of the ‘Learn to Sew’ series works great for children starting at age 8. The ‘Make it Fit’ classes are also  for anyone over the age of 13.

Q: How do I advertise?

You will receive copy ready advertising material customized specifically for you. They may be placed in stores, churches, and schools to just name a few places. With your purchase you will also receive many inside ideas in our Teacher Suggestion & Idea Package.

Q: What is covered in your Teacher Suggestion & Idea Package?

It contains all the ideas and suggestions since our very first newsletter in 1994 to the present. Therefore, you will not be missing out on anything.

Q: How many students should I have in a class?

It is recommended not to go over six in a class.

Q: How much do I charge my students?

This depends on what your area calls for. If you re holding ‘Learn to Sew’  or ‘For Kids’ classes once a week, some areas in the country charge as little as $40.00, while others can call for as much as $75.00 per student for a month of classes. The ‘Make it Fit’ classes are usually done on a seminar basis. Depending on the length of the class, simply charge your hourly rate plus the discounted teacher cost for the DVD.

Q: What supplies do I provide to my student?

You are offering your students a service which is sewing lessons. It is your student’s responsibility to purchase the fabric, pattern, & notions.

Q: Will my student be required to purchase patterns from You Can Make It for the ‘Learn to Sew’ series?

NO. We are making this as easy as possible for both you and your students. We work in cooperation with the major pattern companies, and we will supply you with a current listing of acceptable commercial patterns for each Level in our ‘Learn to Sew’ series. Simply photo copy this listing and give it to your student. Your student will have the option of purchasing an inexpensive pattern or a designer pattern. (New pattern suggestions are provided, No Charge, on a continual basis.) Each Level also has a fabric requirement. As long as the student purchases the correct type (for example in Level 1 a solid fabric is required) your student can choose what their budget permits, whether it is a $2./yd fabric or a $20./yard fabric.

Q: What about the student booklets and patches for the ‘Learn to Sew’ series?

These are supplied to you with your initial purchase for each Level. When you need additional supplies, simply order them from us. We suggest that you add the cost of this to your lesson pricing. If you were to add $4.00 per month to your cost of lessons, you will have covered your cost of student booklets and patches.

Q: Are the student booklets and patches really necessary?

Yes, both are an essential part of the program. The student booklets will reference the major skills that you are teaching in a written format, with pictures and graphics. Due to the detailing & coloring in these booklets you may NOT photo copy them (They are also under copyright law.) The patches are used as a reward to your student when they have completed a garment and are also used to reference skills learned on the sewing bag.

Q: What is the sewing bag in the ‘Learn to Sew’ series?

We can not teach everything about sewing in seven garments. Hence, we have a “sewing bag”. In Level 2 your student will make this simple drawstring bag along with the required garment. Then every Level from 2 – 6 will have skills for your student complete on this bag. This way your student will truly learn EVERYTHING about sewing.

Q: Are there additional supplies that I can provide to my students?

Yes, we have some fun items that you can purchase at a wholesale price and resell to your students at retail. And, of course, our DVD’s are available to our teachers at a discounted price to offer to your students to reinforce what you have taught when they complete a Level in our ‘Learn to Sew’ series.

Q: Where do I give lessons?

You can give lessons any place you wish, at home, at churches, or schools. Many fabric stores will welcome you with open arms. Think of all the business you will bring them. Some stores may even supply you with sewing machines & tables.

Q: How many sewing machines will I need?

If you are having a maximum of six per class, three machines will do fine. Not all students will be sewing at the same exact time. The machines needed for this program are basic machines.

Q: Where do I get these machines?

This is easier than you think. We all have friends and relatives who have machines in the back of their closest. Dust them off and go to it. Unless you get your friends to become students, then they will need their machine.

Q: May I share or sell the program with my friends?

No, all materials supplied are under copyright law, and you are the sole owner. They may not be reproduced in any manner. However, if you introduce a friend to our program and they purchase our program you will receive a thank you gift from us. Just call our office with your friends’ names.

Q: How many weeks are in each ‘Learn to Sew’ Level?

If a student were to complete all seven Levels at one hour once a week, it would take a little over 1 year. Each Level has a different amount of weeks: Level 1=6wks., Level 2=7wks., Level 3=11wks., Level 4=10wks., Level 5=11wks., Level 6=9wks. & Level 7=15wks. If you want to speed things up you can easily offer two hour classes every week.

Q: Must I do one hour classes, once a week?

No, the program is very flexible. You may structure your classes to fit YOUR schedule. The ‘Learn to Sew’ manuals are written in one hour increments for ease of teaching. However, you may do 1 1/2 hour classes, two hour classes, monthly classes, or seminars. Our Teacher Suggestion & Idea Package that comes with your purchase will give you MANY great creative ideas for structuring classes. We are also always available to answer ANY questions and assist you in your teaching career.

Q: Do I teach from the DVD’s?

No. Teachers teach from the manuals. There is a manual for each Level. The manuals follow the same material that is covered in the DVD’s. However, the manuals are broken down into weekly increments for ease of teaching, where as the DVD is a straight run through of information. The classes are structured to be hands on for the students. Click Here to find out what you will receive.

Q: What do your ‘Learn to Sew’ manuals look like?

There is a manual for each of the seven Levels. Each Level is color coded in its own separate padded binder. All pages are in sheet protectors, & there are sections to each Level which include an overview, details, student booklets, and teacher aids. Your manuals will stay looking new for years to come. The total package we ship to you is a 20+ lb. box, but we have made it very easy for you so that EVERYTHING you need to teach a Level is included in its own binder. Simply take only the appropriate Level binder you are teaching with you to class, & you ARE prepared.

Q: Are the ‘Learn to Sew’ DVD’s included when I purchase the teaching program?

Classes are a hands on experience for students, they are not lecture style. You are encouraged to purchase DVD’s to resell to your students to reinforce what you have taught. They are available to teachers at a discounted wholesale price for retail sale. It is suggested to get a set for your own personal use. Many teachers find the DVD’s very helpful with offering lessons to build your confidence whenever needed. If you order DVD’s with your manuals they will be shipped free of charge.

Q: Why do you have both the DVD’s and teachers?

Giving a student a choice of a teacher or the DVD works very well for all. Some teacher’s schedules and some student’s schedules do not accommodate all – the DVD’s are a great answer. Many prospective students like to have a teacher so that they have hands on assistance, and like a DVD to review over and over at their convenience. Remember, you can purchase the DVD’s at a discounted price and resell to your students, giving you the opportunity to add to your income.

Q: May I return my manuals if I’m not satisfied?

We do not accept refunds on printed material. We hope you can understand our reasoning for this. If you wish we would be more than happy to supply you with names of present teachers. We encourage you to contact them and ask any questions you wish about our product, quality, & just as important our teacher services.

Q: Are there manuals for the ‘Make it Fit’ series?

No, the ‘Make it Fit’ classes are usually run as a seminar type class. The 16 page instruction booklet included with the DVD is to be used as your guide. A “Make it Fit” instructional booklet will be supplied in your package for you to see how these classes are structured. Advertising material, information on how to structure these types of classes, and teaching suggestions are also included with your purchase.

Q: Are there manuals for the ‘For Kids’ series?

No. These classes could be done just like the ‘Learn to Sew’ classes, meeting weekly. It is best when teaching children to limit the amount of structure in your classes. The workbook is to be used as your guide. The first ‘For Kids” workbook will be supplied in your package for you to see how these workbooks are structured. Advertising material, information on how to handle these types of classes, and teaching suggestions are also included with your purchase.

Q: Must I teach the “Learn to Sew’ series, ‘For Kids’ series and the ‘Make it Fit’ series?

No, however it is highly suggested to offer all types of classes. By offering all, you will be providing a service to anyone with ANY sewing interest.

Q: Why do I need to sign the Licensee Licensing Agreement, & what is this all about?

Since our many of our material are in printed format, they may be easy to copy. This agreement is used to protect our product. We are trying to also protect our present teachers. The quality of our program and teacher services are of utmost importance to us. If there is any particular item in the agreement that you wish to discuss, please let us know.

Q: Will there be other You Can Make It teachers in my area that I will have to compete with?

We do not license areas. If we did, we would have to be a franchise and charge a fee. We feel competition is healthy. However, if a teacher wishes to enter your area, we will conferee with you. As long as you are in good standing and receptive to the idea, we will sell. Some of our teachers presently have introduced their friends to our program to share their work load because their response has been so overwhelming. Simply keep us informed of locations you teach at and we will make sure to talk with you if the need should arise.

Q: If I do not live in the United States, may I still do this?

Yes, we have teachers all over the globe. However, our program is in English only. The only difference would be the shipping cost to send you your package. Please contact our offices for the appropriate rate.

Q: When I make this purchase, is that the end of our relationship?

NO!! We are just a phone call away for any questions. You will be kept up-to-date via our newsletter which keeps you informed of all our progress in addition to our teachers progress. Your manuals will also be kept current as we continually add to and improve our program. Our referral department will also send you names of prospective students. You become part of the You Can Make It family and will not be alone in your new career!

Q: I am really excited about becoming a You Can Make It Teacher. However, I am having trouble coming up with the full amount at one time. Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, click here to see the details of our payment plan.

Q: What if I have a question that you did not answer?

Just contact us. We will be more than happy to answer ANY questions that you may have.

Q: How do I become a “You Can Make It” teacher?

Complete the order form, sign the Licensee Licensing Agreement, and return both to us. We will call you within 48hrs. of receipt to confirm your zip code availability and schedule delivery.  Click here to go to the Teacher Application Form.