Some commonly asked questions about learning to sew with the YOU CAN MAKE IT program!

Q: How long has the You Can Make It program been around?

The idea and concept of the ‘Learn to Sew’ series came to the author, Pam Tripaldi, in 1990, and like many great ideas, it was in a dream. It took her over two years to develop and perfect. In 1992, Pam started teaching locally in her hometown in PA. The success of her classes prompted her to go national in 1994 with the program. We now have teachers all over the world. We even go as far South America, Europe & China, and we are growing fast. So now, it has become a dream come true. Pam’s ultimate goal is to create a network of students and teachers so that whomever wants to learn how to sew Can Make It.

Q: You have the ‘Learn to Sew’ series, the Make it Fit’ series, and the “For Kids’ series, how do they differ?

The “Learn to Sew’ series is for those that wish to learn everything about sewing. The “Make it Fit’ series is for those that just want to learn how to adjust store bought clothing so that it fits. The ‘For Kids’ series is designed for children ages 7 and older to learn to sew.Q: Why should I use the You Can Make It Program?

The ‘Learn to Sew’ series has been used for many years and is designed so that you do not become discouraged. You will be taught EVERYTHING about sewing. Most importantly in the correct progression. It is important to have skills built. Just like when you learned how to read, you had to learn your alphabet first. The ‘Learn to Sew’ series works on this theory. Remember, We Teach a Skill … Not Just a Project.
The ‘For Kids’ series is also designed with the same theory, skills must be built. There is a recommended first project with choices for additional projects. Each project was chosen to introduce kids to sewing in a fun and easy way. When kids are ready to advance their sewing skills, the ‘Learn to Sew’ series will be their next step.

The ‘Make it Fit’ series is designed specifically for those that just want the basics. It is kept simple so that you can learn easily and also have fun. It was created for those with little time to learn everything about sewing. Even if you are an experienced sewer you will benefit from our ‘Make it Fit’ series by learning how to quickly adjust store bought clothing. 

Q: What age is this program for ?

The ‘For Kids’ series is designed for children ages 7 & older.

The complete ‘Learn to Sew’ series was designed for anyone over the age of 13, Levels 1 and 2 can be used for children as young as 8 years old. However, there is always the exception – some children are interested and ready for the more skilled sewing of the complete ‘Learn to Sew’ series.
The ‘Make it Fit’ series can also be used for anyone over the age of 13.Q: How basic are the beginning ‘Learn to Sew’ Levels?

The beginning Levels are especially helpful. They go into many details about beginning sewing skills. The fact that our program uses commercial patterns is also a big plus. You will learn to sew with what is readily available on the market today. We do not assume that you know anything about sewing, so we explain it all. This is something that many have commented about in all our Level DVD’s. To see more comments visit our comment page.

Q: What skills are covered in the ‘Learn to Sew’ series?

We truly do cover ALL sewing skills. To see more details, click here.

 Q: Does the ‘Make it Fit’ series get into complicated alteration skills?

No, you will still need a local experienced seamstress to do your complicated alterations. We feel there is a difference between adjustments and alterations.

Q: What if I want to learn alteration skills?

Our ‘Learn to Sew’ series will teach you this, starting with Level 2.

Q: How do I know if I should start with Level 1 or Level 2 in the ‘Learn to Sew series?

If it has been a few years since you last sewed, you should probably start with Level 1. There are many new techniques and hints that would be helpful. If you have done some sewing recently and want to improve, you may want to start with Level 2. You can always go back and get Level 1 if you feel you are lost on some details that we talk about in Level 2.

Q: Does each ‘Learn to Sew’ Level repeat what was covered in the previous Level?

NO, each Level is packed with so many new techniques and hints. If a previous skill is applicable we will simply refer you to the appropriate Level. We do however, expand on previous skills.

Q: If I buy one DVD, will you automatically send me the next?

Unless you request this, we only send you the items you have ordered. When you are ready for the next, simply give us a call and we can process another order for you.

Q: Are your DVD’s really as good as you say they are?

Yes they are. The one review we get the most is; “You cover all the little details that others assume I know.”

Q: What if my product is defective?

We will replace it at no charge to you. You must call us first to receive a return authorization number. Any packages received without a RA# will not be accepted.

Q: What is the difference between the DVD and a teacher?

They both cover the same material. It all depends on what your preference is. Some like the classroom setting, and some like the convenience of learning by DVD. This is why we have both available.

Q: When I take a class from a You Can Make It Teacher, what does the teacher supply to me?

When you take ‘Learn to Sew’ classes from a teacher you will be supplied with a handout and patch for each Level. In the “Make It Fit’ classes you will be supplied with a DVD for the garment that you are adjusting and a 16 page instruction booklet is also included in the DVD. In the ‘For Kids” classes you will be supplied with the You Can Make It workbook created for a specific pattern.

Q: Can I do both?

Yes, The DVD’s are a great reference for you. Anytime you forgot what the teacher has taught you can easily review with the DVD.

Q: What are the patches used for in the ‘Learn to Sew’ series?

We can’t cover all sewing skills into the seven garments of the series. Therefore, starting with Level 2, you will learn additional skills to be applied to our sewing bag. The sewing bag is a simple draw string bag made in Level 2. These additional skills will be applied to the sewing bag, enabling you to truly learn everything about sewing. The patches are applied to this bag to separate these additional skills. It also corresponds with our student reference book, letting you know in what Level a skill is covered. The patch is a reward for a job well done!

Q: In the ‘For Kids’ series, why is there a workbook to accompany the pattern?

Each workbook has been created specifically for a particular pattern. It expands on the skills you need to complete the project, making sewing that much easier and fun. Also included in each workbook are stickers to be placed at the competition of each step. Along with an iron patch so that you can proudly prove that you did and that YOU CAN MAKE IT!

Q: How does your student referral system work?

Simply provide us with your name, FULL mailing address, (house number, street, city, state, & zip), and we will provide you with information of a You Can Make It Sewing Teacher near you. You are then asked to contact the teacher directly for exact location, time and cost of lessons. We also send the teacher your information. There is NO charge for this service to students or teachers! We want to make sure that You Can Make It!

Q: What if I do not want to learn from a teacher, can I learn on my own?

The ‘Learn to Sew’ series can be done by DVD at your convience. Each Level DVD will cover the same material that a teacher does. You may also purchase the handouts and patches for each Level to enhance your learning. The ‘Make it Fit’ DVD’s can also be done on your own. Included in each DVD is a detailed 16 page instruction booklet describing each step to ‘Make it Fit’. The ‘For Kids’ series can also be done on your own. Each workbook will guide you through each step of sewing. From purchasing your fabric to sewing the complete project.

Q: Will I get only one teachers name?

If we have more than one You Can Make It Teacher in your area, we will provide you with all their names.

Q: If I get more than one teachers name, which one do I contact?

All of our Teachers work together. You are encouraged to call each one. Each teacher may have different time schedules and locations. You are free to ask each teacher about the other. We all try to work together so that it is easy for you to learn how to sew, and it is convenient for you.

Q: What if I am only interested in one of your series?

This is OK. All of our You Can Make It Teachers are equipped to teach the ‘Learn to Sew’ class, ‘For Kids’ classes, and the ‘Make it Fit’ classes. Their scheduling may differ for each series. So it is best to discuss your specific interest with the teacher.Q: If I provide you with my mailing information, will my name be sold to others? NO! The only person we give your name to will be a licensed You Can Make It Teacher. We never have or ever will, give or sell your name to anyone else. Q: What if the teacher information you provide me does not seem local to me? You are encouraged to contact the teacher. The information we are providing is the teacher’s mailing information. Many of our teachers travel, the teacher just might give lessons in your neighborhood, and you don’t even know it. Q: Where do your teachers teach? Some teach at local fabric stores, in their home studio, community centers, churches, and many other locations. Q: Will a teacher come to my home?

Yes, some teachers do offer this service. Please contact the teacher directly with this question.Q: What does the teacher charge for lessons? This cost is set by each individual teacher. Please contact the teacher directly for this information. Q: What if you do not presently have a teacher in my area? We will notify you with this information. Your name will be kept in our files, and when a teacher does enter your area, we will contact you again. In the meantime you have the option of learning on your own with our DVD’s.

Q: Where can I purchase You Can Make It DVD’s?

They are available through our main offices, through any licensed You Can Make It Teacher, or through your local fabric store. If not available in your local fabric store call 1-888-576-2739.

Q: Do you ship your DVD’s out of the United States?

Yes, the shipping and handling cost will be based on destination and items ordered. Please be sure to specify if you wish to have your order shipped via air or ground. We use the US Postal Service to ship out of the US. Ground rates are less expensive than air; however, they also take longer. If you wish to have more specific information regarding shipping time and cost, please contact us.Q: What if I have a question that you did not answer?

Just contact us. We will be more than happy to answer ANY questions that you may have.