You bought it, now You Can Make It fit!

This series will teach you how to adjust store bought clothing so that it fits.  All the skills you need to quickly and easily adjust your store bought clothing are covered.

Have you ever thought; Sewing is hard.

I don’t have the time.  

We now have the answer!

Our instructional ‘Make it Fit’ series was created for those with little or no sewing experience in an easy to understand format with step by step instructions included.

You can learn at your own pace with our DVD’s or from a teacher that is local to you. Either way you will acquire the skills you need to get your store bought clothing to look and fit the way YOU want.

If taking lessons from one of our You Can Make It Teachers you will go to class with the garment that needs to be adjusted and go home with it fitting. Your class fee also includes the DVD with an instruction booklet covering all skills related to adjusting your garment.

Our You Can Make It fit series covers PANTS and SKIRTS.

We will not only teach you how to adjust store bought clothing, but make sure that You Can Make It fit. 

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Again thank you for your interest in the “You Can Make It” program. If we may be of any further assistance please go to our Contact Us form, or call us at: 610-760-1908.