You Can Make It Payment Plan…

Thanks again for your interest in the You Can Make It program. Teaching others to sew can be very rewarding. If you are truly interested in pursuing this we would like to assist you to make this possible.

If payment terms are a problem, when purchasing the teaching program, we are more than willing to work with you. You may purchase the complete program in installments.

You determine what amount and when you can make payments.

There are NO interest or layaway charges for this option.

When the full amount plus shipping and handling is made we will ship your complete kit.

The only down side to this is that we can not reserve the zip code until full payment is made. If another should come along and wish to purchase your zip code, we will notify you first. You will have the option at that time of paying the balance due or canceling your order. If you wish to cancel under these circumstances, all payment to date will be refunded WITHOUT penalty.

If you decide to cancel at any time, for any other reason, a 15% cancellation charge will be incurred on monies paid to date. If no payment is received within a 6 month period, this will be considered a cancellation on your part.

Simply fill in and return;
1) The Teaching Order Form
(you may leave the “information needed” for the
customized copy ready material blank at this time)

2) The Licensee Licensing Agreement signed

3) Partial payment, with a note regarding your payment option

Our office will then call you to confirm.

Our main objective at You Can Make It is to share our talent of sewing with others. There is truly a need for this and would welcome you to join our family of teachers.

ANY questions please call.

If you are interested in becoming a “You Can Make It” teacher. Simply fill out our Teacher Application Form.  We will check out your zip code before processing any payments and inform you of availability.

Please print this page for your records, so that you have a copy of these terms.