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If you have beginning sewing experience – you are ready for the next step.

Darts, pleats, tucks, zippers, waistbands, vents, slits, snaps, buttons, hooks & eyes, straps, Velcro, & SEW MUCH MORE!

Alteration skills covered in Level 2: Increasing the hip, decreasing the hip.

Level 2: Continue down the road to sewing success with the second video of the You Can Make It series. Build on the skills you learned in Level 1, plus learn a variety of new techniques. In Level 2 the skills you need to make a skirt with a zipper, back slit, darts and pleats are all shown in detail. Plus learn the basic “pivot and slide” fitting techniques. Have you always wanted to know the easy way to handle prints with one way designs? Level 2 will make it easy, in addition to enlightening you about the special features of print fabrics. Level 2 also includes a few “sewing bag skills.” Learn how to make a sewing bag covered with samples of basic sewing techniques. The samples serve as a reference when you have questions. These skills include how to sew on a patch, make straps, apply Velcro® strips, sew on buttons, and hooks and applying snaps. (130 min.)

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