Super Board ~ Pattern Cutting Board


This pattern cutting board is designed to make sewing projects  easy & fun.  It will convert any flat surface into a work area. It opens to 40″ x 72″ & can fold away to 40″ x 12″ for easy storage.  Made of durable Kraft Board, with straight & true bias guidelines, inch & metric measurements with a metric equivalency chart, and scallop & circle patterns.  It provides a durable cutting surface which will protect tables or floors.  An excellent surface to place pins into to hold work in place.  Use to easily check grainlines during layouts.  Diagonal lines are spaced so bias strips can be cut in easy increments.  Use to reduce or enlarge designs & to design scallops.  Graph lines can also be used as reference for any work at requires even spacing such as pleats, tucks & hems.  A real necessity for any sewing room.


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