The Shot Shirt Pattern & Guide Sheet


The Shot shirt downloadable pattern is a very loose fitting top, hip length, long sleeves with a fold over collar. Its unique design contains a side sleeve zipper for easy access to the upper arm.

With the entire country encouraged to get a Covid19 vaccination this shirt is perfect, as this portion of an arm is not an easy access point for many. It is both stylish and functional. No more undressing to get a shot, no more wrestling out of a shirt, no need to wear a sleeveless shirt if the weather is colder. A great item for anyone whom has trouble lifting their arm up to full range.

This is the next 2021 apparel statement.

NOTE: This item is for purchasing the downloadable PATTERN & DETAILED GUIDE SHEET.

If you would like to take a class and go home with a Shot Shirt, You Can Make It has teachers all over the country offering Make It and Take It classes. Simply contact us and we will put you in touch with a local You Can Make It Teacher offering Make It & Take It Classes. NO CHARGE.

You can also purchasing shirts by clicking here.

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