Y.C.M.I. Teacher Kit


Before we can complete your order, we need the teacher order form and license agreement filled out & returned to us. You can download from the link below.

Please CLICK HERE to printout the Teacher Application & Licensing Agreement (.pdf file).  Then simply follow the instructions on the application and you are on your way to becoming a You Can Make It Teacher!

**IMPORTANT** :  Shipping will be added to your item based on your zip code. Current cost can be found on the teacher order form – your order will be adjusted accordingly.

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We will supply you with everything you need to teach sewing.  There is no other program like the “You Can Make It” Program!

  • All Seven Manuals for the ‘Learn to Sew’ series.  Each manual will give full details with week by week instruction, using the newest methods.  A Student Booklet with graphics for your students are included in each Level. These student booklets cover the major skills that are taught in a Level. Patches for your students are included with each Level to get your started.  Teaching Aids included.  The latest Pattern Suggestions that fit our Level requirements.  Each manuals lesson plans are broken down into one hour increments for ease in teaching. The manuals are very detailed and will guide you through each weeks lessons. They tell of pattern and fabric requirements for each Level. As well as techniques for completing a Levels garment. We would like to stress again, these manuals are very detailed, they will tell you what and how to teach each week. The manuals do it all!

  • The first project of the ‘For Kids’ series.

  • The 16 page workbook for the ‘Make It Fit’ series.

  • Your License.

  • Customized copy ready Flyer to start advertising your classes.

  • Customized copy ready Brochure to send to prospective students for each type of class.

  • Additional Advertising Material such as poster and magnetic bumper stickers & more.

  • All Bookkeeping Forms required to keep track of your classes and income.

  • Our latest Newsletter, which keeps you informed of up-to-date ideas, suggestions and products.

  • Our Idea Package so that your new career will be successful.  Ideas on: Advertising, Marketing, Structuring Classes, Scheduling, Handling Students, Preparing Your Classroom, & many great inside hints.

  • Addition to our You Can Make It Student Referral System. We will continually send you names of prospective students. NO CHARGE to students or teachers for this service.

  • Access to the Teacher Only Area of our web site- with the latest newsletter, up to date pattern suggestions, and many great marketing tools.

  • Access to special Teacher Wholesale Pricing on all items.

There are NO Franchise costs or monthly licensing fees.

It is a one time purchase price of only $425.00 for the complete program.

All materials supplied are under copyright law, and legally you may NOT reproduce them.

Additional supplies for your classes are available to teachers at wholesale pricing.

We do charge a nominal yearly fee, if you wish to keep your active status. This tells us you still want to be a part of our student referral department. In addition to receiving at NO EXTRA CHARGE, quarterly newsletters, program updates, unlimited copy ready material, current pattern suggestions for our Seven Levels, and SO MUCH MORE. Your first calendar year is FREE!  *Please note* Since we have no monthly costs, and we have SEW much to offer, you can recover your investment in as little as 1-2 months of lessons.

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