Level 6 Online Class Supplies


Get the supplies you need for your Level 6 online class, a STUDENT HANDOUT & CURRENT PATTERN SUGGESTIONS. 

Buttonholes, collars, sleeves, plackets, button cuffs, special closures & SEW MUCH MORE!

Alteration skills covered in Level 6: Adjusting the bust, moving darts, adding darts, adjusting the sleeve width, and armhole adjustments.

Level 6: Time to fine tune & perfect your sewing and alteration skills. Learn everything about buttonholes, where to place them, how to adjust them for your personal measurements, and how to sew them. Learn how to insert and fit a set in sleeve with a smooth cap. Learn how to sew and insert pointed collars and collar bands. Learn how to construct professional looking sleeve plackets and cuffs. Finish off your garments with the easy tricks to a machine blind hem. Build on your alteration skills with sleeves, bust, and darts. Also learn all other types of closures such as loops, frogs, ball buttons. Sewing professional looking garments and achieving a perfect fit is easy with our You Can Make It Level 6.

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