Make It Fit DVD ~ For Pants


When you purchase store bought pants are they too long?
Are you afraid to tackle pants with cuffs?
Do you want to taper the leg width?
Do you need waist adjustments?
What about pants with elastic?
The following skills are covered:

  • Hem Lengths
  • Measuring Before the Pre-Wash
  • Measuring Pants After the Pre-Wash
  • The Triangle Theory
  • The Regular/Plain Hem or The Angle/Slant Hem
  • The Cuff Hem
  • The Elastic Hem
  • Machine Straight Stitching a Hem
  • Machine Blind Stitching a Hem
  • Hand Stitching a Hem
  • Adjusting the Pant Leg Width
  • Adjusting the Waist Fit
  • With MANY more great hints!

Includes 16 page instructional booklet

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